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Payroll Giving is a smart and tax-efficient way for UK taxpayers to support our work, as the donation is made before tax is deducted. 

Payroll giving is a low cost scheme that provides regular, reliable unrestricted income that allows LinkAble to plan ahead and budget for the future.

How it works

Example: A £10 gift will cost a standard taxpayer only £8, or a higher-rate taxpayer just £6 because your donation is taken from your pre-tax salary, part of your donation comes from money that would otherwise go to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

How much is my donation worth?

  • For standard-rate taxpayers, if you donate £10 to LinkAble it will only cost you £8. 
  • If you're a higher-rate taxpayer, Payroll Giving is the most tax-efficient way to give - a £10 donation will cost you just £6.

The amount you give is up to you - for example, a £5 donation will cost a standard-rate taxpayer £4, or a higher-rate taxpayer £3.

How can I sign up for Payroll Giving?

Ask your employer for details on how to sign up. If your employer doesn't currently run a Payroll Giving scheme, they can find out how to set one up.

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