You might like to try some of these messy play and sensory ideas below.

Musical Instruments: Why not try making some musical instruments at home using items that you have at home. You can use a plastic bottle filled with lentils/rice or dried beans to make maracas, or an old chocolate tub as drums that you can play with wooden spoons.

Bubble Snakes: If you like bubbles this could be the idea for you. You could make a bubble snake. You need bottles, an old pair of socks and bubble mixture (washing up liquid and water). Cut the bottoms off of the bottles, and put the socks over the ends, pulling them all the way over the bottle and then folding them back so you have a tight fit. Dip the sock-covered end into the bubble mixture and blow through the top end to make long bubble snakes!

Sensory Station: Why not try making a sensory station at home where your child can come along and use their sense of smell to explore different objects you have at home. This can be done in jars or pots. If you want to hide the objects before they smell them you can put a piece of paper inside the jars or over the top of the pots and leaving some smell holes. Here are some ideas with this short video

Messy Play with Chloe: Have some fun with Chloe who has made these Messy Play video that you can try at home. In this video she shows you how to have fun with cornflour and water, shaving foam, oats and cereal. It looks like she has had a great time getting covered in shaving foam, why not join her! 


Sensory Dance: To keep us all active we have found a great video of a sensory dance that is designed for children with Autism. They can follow along at home and enjoy the music in the background.  

Fluffy Sensory Paint: Melissa and Lucy show you how to make a fluffy sensory paint using shaving foam, which you can squeeze through your fingers and make patterns on paper. 

Relaxing Gel Ocean: Cheyenne has created a relaxation ocean activity using gel and a zip lock bag. 

Playdough: Another favourite sensory activity is playdough. There are two recipes we have found using different ingredients. Melissa and Lucy show you how to make playdough with flour, oil, water, food colouring and salt. Zaynah talks through a different recipe using cornflour, food colouring and hair conditioner. 

Lava Lamp: Cheyenne shows how you can make your own lava lamp at home using simple ingredients that you can get from the supermarket. You can make it in a glass, alternatively you can make it in a water bottle that you can seal and enjoy by adding more salt each time. 

Glitter Jar: Emily has found these instructions to make your own glitter jar that you can turn and watch as the glitter falls. It can help to clear your mind and focus on something new. 

Visual Therapy: If your child likes the light displays in sensory rooms this video that Zaynah has found can help. It is a great example of visual therapy where they can focus on the dots as they move and change into pictures on the screen. 

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