From noon on the 24th October Alison Keeley, LinkAble CEO will begin her latest running challenge to raise money for the charity.  The challenge will involve Alison running at least a mile every hour until she completes her final mile at the same time the following day. She is aiming to run slightly more than a mile each hour so that by the end of the event the distance will be equivalent to a marathon.

The challenge coincides with the clocks going back meaning that whilst everyone else is enjoying their extra hour of sleep Alison will be running an extra mile. Having taken up running a couple of years ago she has undertaken several 10km and 25km races including local events such as The Surrey Half Marathon and The Woking Lions Martian Run.  

Alison says, 'This challenge will be my biggest yet and one which I hope LinkAble supporters and public will get behind. Many of the miles will be themed and I am asking people to come and run with me or suggest places local to Woking that I could run from. They can even choose the music I run to at 2am – for a donation of course!'

She adds, 'Having never taken on a challenge like this before I will need to set my alarm so that I don’t miss any of the runs in the night, although my plan is to stay awake throughout. I am also going to use different routes and starting points to ensure I don’t get bored.

If you would like to choose the music Alison runs to, or would like her to run a mile to and from your house then do let her know by emailing [email protected] with your request. Likewise if you would like to accompany her for a mile or two! Other ways in which you can sponsor Alison and their suggested donation amounts are listed below:

  • Select music for a specific hour £5 donation
  • Choose outfit for a specific hour £10 donation
  • Run from a location you have chosen (within 5 miles of Woking town Centre) £25 donation

Alternatively, if you would like to support Alison by simply making a donation you can do so using the button below.

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