Half term is here! As we will all be spending much of the time at home our staff have come up with some ideas based on 3 themes (Disney, Pancakes Day and Pirates) that you can enjoy over the half term. We will be updating this page throughout the week with new ideas. 

Disney ideas

Frozen themed slime- Amelia has found this recipe for slime that is blue and glittery based on the the film Frozen. 

Minnie Mouse bookmark- Cheyenne has created this bookmark. You can use the same idea but decorate it based on your favourite Disney character. 

Mike Wasowski (Monsters inc.) paper plate- Amy has written instructions on how to make this Monsters Inc. character, which you can use as a mask or toy to play with. 

Disney Bracelet- Cheyenne shows you how to make a Disney bracelet. She chose to use a Moana theme, but you could base it on any of your favourite characters. 

Disney lucky dip origami- Amelia shows you how to create this origami envelope so you can store different items. She created hers to put in Disney films she would like to watch where she can lucky dip a film each time she wants to watch one. 

Toy story alien paper plate- Cheyenne shows you how to make the aliens from Toy story from a paper plate. You can then use it as a mask or headband to act out the character or the story. 

Disney Board game- Amy has created this board game you can play at home. You can play it with family members to see who has the best knowledge about Disney. All the answers can be found here- to check if you got them correct. 

Pancake Day 

As this we we had Shrove Tuesday this week, the staff though it would be nice to have some themed activities around pancake day. 

Pancake pops - Amelia has found this link to make pancake pops, which are mini pancakes on sticks so they can be enjoyed as little snacks. 

Colouring pages - Cheyenne has drawn and made these LinkAble themed colouring sheets for pancake day. 

Pancake scramble-  Amelia has found another version of pancakes, but healthier with bananas, eggs and cinnamon. They do use chocolate chips and sprinkles to make them more exciting! 

Pancake day activity book- Emily has made this activity book with a variety of different pancake puzzles, colourings and recipes to keep you busy. 

American style pancake recipe - Cheyenne has found these instructions on how to make American style pancakes. You can then add your favourite toppings. 

Scotch pancake recipe - Cheyenne has found these instructions on how to make Scotch pancakes. Can you try making them at home?

Pin the butter on the pancake stack- Amelia has created these instructions on how to play the game. This is simply a version of pin the tail on the donkey but with pancakes and butter.  

Pancake day songs - 

Pancake day game- Cheyenne has created this pancake day game which can help you choose your topping and flavours as well as learning some facts about pancakes. 

Emily has chosen 2 books to share with you based on different animals. 

Pirate ideas 

Pirate Hat origami tutorial- Melissa shows you how to fold a piece of paper to make an origami pirate hat. 

Treasure chest tutorial- Cheyenne shows you how to turn an egg box into a treasure chest to store your buried treasure. 

Pirate handprint tutorial- Melissa shows how you can turn your handprint into a pirate with a pirate hat. 

Colourings-Cheyenne has drawn the following LinkAble Pirate colouring sheets. Follow the links below to download. 



Pirate ship 

Treasure chest

Hook Toss game- Amy has created these instructions on how to make a pirate hook toss game at home using cups, tin foil and a paper plate. 

Treasure Chest tutorial- Melissa shows you how to make a treasure chest using a box template that you can stick together and decorate. 

Talking pirate puppet- Cheyenne shows you how to make a talking pirate toy using a piece of paper and a peg. 

Treasure map tutorial- Melissa shows you how to make a treasure map. You could make one for some hidden treasure in your house that you can get your family to hunt for by following your treasure map. 

Pirate hat tutorial- Amy shows you how to make a pirate hat that you can add to a headband as part of a pirate costume. 

Pirate handprint drawing- Cheyenne shows you how you can turn your handprint into a pirate picture. 

Pirate ship origami tutorial- Melissa shows you how to make a pirate ship by folding a piece of paper. 

Pirate themed colouring pages- Amy has found these pirate themed colouring pages. 

Treasure map in a bottle tutorial- Cheyenne shows you how to create a treasure map which you can place in a bottle, like it has been washed ashore. 



We hope to have given you some inspiration for activities to try at home this half term. Please share with us any activities that you have enjoyed at home or like the videos when you watch them. We hope to see you again soon. 

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