LinkAble is always looking for ways to develop and enhance the services it provides for the community it serves.  Having grown and developed since it was founded, as Link Leisure, in 1989 LinkAble continues to evolve in response to the needs of its service users. 

Promoting LinkAble

We are always looking for new ways to promote LinkAble and reach more people who will benefit from the services we offer.  We use social media to share our work and we often appear in the local paper.  Staff and service users raise the profile of the charity in a wide variety of ways including appearing on local radio stations and articles in local newspapers.  

We are always looking for ways to engage with the community, raise our profile and engage with people who would benefit from accessing our services.  We are particularly looking for opportunities to raise the profile of the charity in Surrey Heath as we deliver some of our services there and we would like to deliver more.

If you would like us to come to your work place or organisation please contact us.

Developing LinkAble

LinkAble exists for the benefit of our service users and their families.  When we are seeking to create new services we ask for the opinions of our service users so we can be sure we are offering activities which service users will want to attend.

LinkAble already provides some services for both children and adults in Camberley.  We would like to increase the number of attendees at the services we already run in Camberley and add to the services we offer for children adults in Camberley.  

In order to do this we need more people in the Camberley area to be aware of LinkAble and the services we offer.  Earlier this year we contacted all of the schools in the Camberley area to promote our summer scheme.  We are looking for more opportunities to raise our profile in the Camberley area.

Recent surveys of over 18 service users showed that they would like to attend groups which help them to be healthy and support their creativity.  We have also been fortunate to secure some funding from Postcode Lottery to run cookery courses called 'Tasty Days'.  If you have an idea for a course, an event or an activity which you think would be good for LinkAble and its service users to become involved with please let us know.

Funding LinkAble

LinkAble is continually striving to run its services in a way which is accessible to individuals on a wide range of incomes.  We apply for funding from a wide range of Trust and Grant funders by explaining the vital role that LinkAble plays in the local community.  We also hold fundraising events and encourages supporters to fundraise for us.  

LinkAble is registered in England and Wales under charity number 1119596 and company number 06056940 at The Link, 2 Board School Road, Woking, GU21 5HE. We use cookies to improve your experience using this website.
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