This week our staff have been busy thinking of new ideas based on the theme of magic. They have been creative finding resources and making videos to show you how to perform magic at home. 

Firstly if you are going to become a magician you will need the right equipment and costume. The first part of your costume is a wizard hat. On this website there are instructions on how to make your own magicians hat. All you will need is black paper/card, scissors, glue and sticky tape. Next you will need a magic wand. This website shows you how to make one like Harry Potter or a glittery wand. Finally you will need to find a cuddly toy bunny or rabbit to be your mascot. Now you are ready to become a magician and learn some tricks. 

You can start by watching some videos of different magicians and the tricks they can perform. Here are some videos from famous and some young magicians. Dynamo creates fantastic tricks that he performs to audiences all over the world. Magicians can learn tricks from a young age and here are some that have performed on Britain's Got Talent

Magic tricks at home

All these magic tricks found or created by our staff are easy to follow and you can learn them at home. Here are some simple tricks performed by Annie. She shows you how to make coins disappear and appear using cups and paper plates. She begins by showing you the trick and then how you can make it at home. 

In this video Vai shows you how you can use an elastic band as a magic trick, making it move between your fingers. This is an easy one that you can practice and show to your friends and family. 

Cheyenne shows how you can make a message appear on a piece of kitchen roll when you place it in water. It is a great trick that you can design and make very colourful. 

Zaynah has created some beautiful paper flowers that she can make open up when placed on water. Find out how in the video below. 

You can learn some more magic tricks with this video online using a pack of cards. Now you have learnt some of the basic tricks here are some more you can try at home. This video shows you more tricks using household items. He shows you the tricks first and then the secrets behind them. 

A magician also needs to be able to make potions as well as cast magical spells and perform tricks. Melissa and Lucy show you how to make your own potion at home using ingredients that you can find in your kitchen at home. 

Magic movies

There are so many magical films that you can enjoy at home including Sesame Street-  The Magic Want Chase, The Sword in the Stone, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Harry Potter and many more. 


If you enjoy colouring here are some colouring sheets that you can have a got at home. On these websites there are so many to choose from that you can download and enjoy. 

For all those who like a puzzle challenge Emily has created this word search  especially for LinkAble so you can try at home based on the theme of magic. 


In this first quiz from the Beano you can answer the questions to find out how much of a magician you can be! In this second quiz you can find out what your magician name would be. 

Magic jokes

If you would like to become a funny magician you can learn some of these jokes which you can tell your friends and family before you perform your tricks. There are some great jokes from jokes for kids, funny jokester and fun kids jokes

We hope that you enjoy all our resources this week. Let us know what you think and whether there are any other resources you would like to see. Please share some pictures of any of the activities that you have been doing at home. We can share your ideas and artwork with others on our social media.  

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