Last weekend we celebrated Bonfire Night with a range of firework themed activities. We thought it would be nice to share some activities that you can do at home. 

Sensory Activities

Shaving foam and paint fireworks

These are very simple to do with shaving foam and then squirt paint in the shape of fireworks. Your children can have fun squashing the fireworks and spreading the colours around. 

Simple fireworks in a bottle

All you need is a bottle, some glitter and other objects like pom poms, plastic string or pipe cleaners and water. Add the objects to the bottle and fill with water and your child can shake to their hearts content watching the objects float around in the bottle. 

Fireworks in a glass

For those that are more adventurous, you can use food colouring, oil and water to make fireworks. Watch the colours move through the water as you add the food colouring and oil. 


Chalk fireworks

Using some colourful chalk can you draw fireworks on the ground. Then use a spray bottle of water to make them disappear! 

Popping candy in water

Using popping candy in water, you can create the popping sound of fireworks. 

Arts and Crafts

Toilet tube fireworks

By cutting up the end of a toilet roll tube, then dipping it in paint you can make a fantastic fireworks picture at home. 

Straw sparklers

By using a paper straw and colourful paper you can make your own sparklers to wave around. You can even add glitter to the ends for a bit of sparkle!

We hope that you enjoy all our resources this week. Let us know what you think and whether there are any other resources you would like to see. Please share some pictures of any of the activities that you have been doing at home. We can share your ideas and artwork with others on our social media.  

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