This week our staff have been busy thinking of new ideas based on the four elements. They thought it would be nice to explore the water, fire, air and earth. 

You can start by watching this video to tell you all about the four elements and what they are. 

Now you know a little bit about the elements why not take this quiz and find out which element you are. Below the staff have found different activities based on the four elements. Once you have found out which element you are, you could try some of those activities. 

Melissa and Lucy show you how to make your own elements jars using the items that you have at home. What can you use to make the four elements? Could cotton wool be the clouds? 

For all the budding artists Vai shows you how to make an elemental flower by drawing pictures for each of the elements in the shape of petals. Can you draw along at home and make your own?


Why not become a scientist with these ideas found by Emily and try this walking water experiment. Can you make the water move to create a rainbow? Or make ice stick to your hand! You can explore what happens when you mix oil and water. This website shows you how to make a toy water balloon parachute

There are also other experiments you can do with water for example playing with water to make music. Zahra has found a great video that shows you how you can do it at home with household items. Another experiment shown in this video by Annie tests whether things sink or float. Can you have a go at home and see what items in your house sink or float? 

There are so many ways that you can be creative with water. Cheyenne shared this image of a rain cloud that you can make with paint using different blushes and fingermarks. Can you create one at home? Annie has also had a go at some water art. She uses paint and a straw to blow the paint to make different patterns on a wet piece of paper. 


Get creative and use the air as inspiration to make a wind chime from recycled materials. Ore found this website which shows you how to make one at home. There are so many more wind activities on this website found by Emily that include crafts and games. This wind wordsearch is also great for those who like puzzles. 


Fir can be dangerous, but with this game you can pretend to be a firefighter and put out the (chalk or paint) fires using a spray bottle full of water. What a great idea Emily! You can have a go at making your own craft campfire using your hands and some red, orange and yellow paints. 


As part of Earth day Emily has come up with these ideas. You could paint a rock with a colourful design and make a display for people to see. Or if you are into making jewelleryyou can have a go at this necklace made from salt dough.Or why not get out in the garden with this idea from Ore to plant and grow some seeds. You could make an earth day tree using a recycled egg carton that Taybah suggests you could put up in your window at home. 



This dance found by Youmna shows the four elements and great ways to move to represent them. Can you watch the video and name then all? 

We hope that you enjoy all our resources this week. Let us know what you think and whether there are any other resources you would like to see. Please share some pictures of any of the activities that you have been doing at home. We can share your ideas and artwork with others on our social media.  

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